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The difference between dry slope skiing and real snow is unimaginable. That's why it is well worth taking a ski holiday during the winter months. On an inaugural days skiing teetering at the start of a run, a common mistake to make as you set off is to think that dry slope skiing prepares you in any way. The snow plough that you have spent so long perfecting on the dry slope suddenly seems not to slow you at all. Try as you might you will soon find yourself seeing snow then sky in rapid succession as you tumble and collapse into a heap at the bottom of the run. I know this because this is my first recollection of a ski holiday, and despite this somewhat inconspicuous start I still dusted myself off and started again. I must admit this was totally my own fault as I had somewhat overestimated my own skills. However this inspired me further and within a week I had learned a great deal, leaving me at least confident and at most artful.

It is difficult to stress how enjoyable a ski holiday can be, from sucking in the fresh, pure air first thing in the morning to stopping halfway down a piste and enjoying lunch surrounded by alpine forests and views to die for. Whether a family, work colleagues or just good friends, a ski holiday is the ideal way to bond and enjoy time together. Learning to ski in a group with some of your closest friends could not be more fun, hysterical laughter spreads infectiously as collisions result in a pile of bodies and faces covered in snow. Anyone with any semblance of coordination however will not be at this stage long and after a matter of days with good tuition flying down the mountain carving snow will be possible, although falling over will still be a regular occurrence.

For those with more experience, skiing with friends, family or colleagues the pleasures of off-piste skiing are immense, the feeling of carving through fresh, untouched powder is exhilarating and the sense of achievement when coming through the experience, especially with those you know is unifying and does a lot to forge relationships, perfect for those in business looking to bond a workforce.

Where to stay during your ski holiday is the golden question. A chalet offers that homely feel and the ideal place to rest those aching calves after a long day. It gives the freedom of a base and is ideal for families, especially around the Christmas period. What would be better than waking up to a truly white Christmas, complete with open fire? A catered chalet takes this further and results in a luxurious stay without the hassle of chores, ensuring everyone is relaxed and enjoys their skiing. Hotels provide the bed and meals but miss the homely feel of a chalet, however for groups of partygoers these are a fine option, just make sure there is no curfew!

Skiing however is not the only reason to embark on a ski holiday; apres-ski is a huge benefit as the majority of resorts will have a wide selection of good restaurants, depending upon where you are in the world local cuisine is always worth a try. For those in more of a party mood, the bars are packed and the drinks pour freely. A great way to unwind after a hard day on the slopes is to dance the night away and in general, be merry. Just remember, try not to over indulge too much, you have to go skiing in the morning!

Shaun Parker has been an avid skier for many years. He shares his knowledge with those embarking on ski holidays. To find out more please visit

Article Source: Skiing; The Fastest Way To Fall Down A Mountain

For skiers that go skiing each season, it is easy for them to find low prices on skiing equipment because they live in the local area. Finding low prices on ski equipment for friends might be a little harder because the locals always get the news about sales in the months preceding and the months following the winter tourist season. Winter is the time of year that all retailers in a ski community try to earn enough money to carry them through the rest of the year.

Locals will still know which ski equipment shops will have the best prices, no matter what time of year they need to do some serious shopping. The locals know that they can rely on word of mouth advertising to find the best deals possible for the people who have joined them for a week or two of great times. A wide selection of ski equipment is in stock at shops throughout a ski town during any part of the year. Equipment that is left over from the last season is typically offered at discount prices.

Most serious shoppers will know outright where they need to go to find the best bargains on ski apparel and the equipment that they need to get started with ski classes. These perceptive shoppers are the ones that begin shopping for ski equipment at home through the internet portals that put them in contact with the exact products they are interested in for skiing down icy slopes. These shoppers will read product reviews before they buy and bookmark the site for future use.

When people are searching for the lowest prices in skiing gear, they might not intend to go shopping at all. Many people prefer to travel light to the ski slopes because they want to have fun with the people they are with and not worry about losing items at the airport or at various stops along the way. These people go on vacation with the full intention of remaining unencumbered throughout the entire trip.

Some vacationers have planned their trip carefully and might have added a stop over to visit family and friends. They know that they can get where they are going quicker if they can bypass the baggage claim area. These skiers decided against buying equipment or bringing any ski equipment with them because it was cost effective to do so at the time These experienced skiers know that there will be plenty of equipment available for purchase when they arrive at the ski resort.

Some skiers do not want to deal with excess baggage that is also oversized. Perhaps they feel very negative about owning skiing equipment and do not want to deal with shipping the skis by another shipper when the baggage handlers on the flight they are fixing to board reject it. These skiers might have dealt with ski equipment problems before. They have it firmly planted in their minds that once again, the bulky equipment is threatening to ruin their vacation and they make the decision to rent equipment instead of carrying it.

James Brown writes about

Article Source: Finding The Lowest Prices On Skiing Gear

Many people believe that Alaska has some of the best skiing anywhere in the world. The Alyeska Resort is located in Girdwood, Alaska, approximately 50 miles from the city of Anchorage. With a top elevation of 2751 feet and a vertical drop of 2501 feet, the ski area enjoys an average of 631 inches of snow every year.

Although Alaska boasts some of the best skiing in the world, you won't find the slopes particularly crowded and there are no long lift lines. There are nine lifts, including six chair lifts and two surface lifts and one cable car line. There are 68 trails. Mount Alyeska is a fairly challenging mountain, and has a much higher percentage of advanced and expert runs, compared to most other mountain resorts in North America. It has a small section for the novice, but the rest of the mountain is almost entirely for the intermediate and the advanced skiers.

For international visitors, here are a few phrases that will help you. For line read queue, for surface lift think drag lift. Maybe you are used to skiing down a piste or a run but in Alaska you ski a trail! That wasn't so hard, was it?

For a completely different experience, night time skiing is allowed, which makes your ski experience far more adventurous. You will see snow capped mountains, hanging glaciers and of course, the famous Northern Lights.

The season begins at the Alyeska Resort in mid-November and runs through mid-April. This area of Alaska boasts the longest daytime areas in the United States, with approximately sixteen hours of daylight each day during April. During December, however, there are only about seven hours of daylight which will be broadly in line with European resorts.

The Alyeska Prince Hotel is the place to stay! Here you will enjoy elegant rooms and fine dining. Nightly entertainment is available as well. There are other nightlife spots in the area as well, that are not associated with the Hotel.

If tubing interests you, then visiting the Glacier Tubing Park is an absolute must! Featuring two lanes of terrain and a surface lift, everyone in the family will enjoy spending time at the tubing park. The Alyeska Terrain Park is a must for snowboarding enthusiasts. Other winter activities that can be enjoyed in and around the Alyeska Resort include flight seeing, heli-skiing, ocean cruising tours, dog sledding, ice climbing, back country skiing, mountaineering, and polar bear viewing.

The Alyeska Resort offers a top winter vacation. Brave the elements and then return to the Hotel for some pampering. There are activities for the whole family to enjoy and there are many sights and attractions to be enjoyed as well. This really is a first class winter family ski vacation!

Richard Barker co-publishes the Hammock Survival Guide Sports Section at Feel free to reproduce any article as long as the author's resource box remains intact.

Article Source: Skiing in Alaska - a Very Special Experience

If you have ever wanted to take the family on a cheap holiday skiing vacation, you can plan a wonderful skiing trip during the holiday to St Anton. The area has one of the most beautiful resorts for holiday skiers. The nightlife is just as spectacular as the skiing. This is your chance to ski the day away and join in the fun at the nightclubs around the resort. You are going to find that slopes are heavily packed with snow and the mountains are challenging. You will find that your day on the slopes is one you have never experienced anywhere else.

Although the slopes are the greatest, the town is mostly sports shops, hotels and bars. The area shops are found about twenty minutes away in Lech. You will find your cheap holiday ski vacation is filled with more fun than shopping anyways. The village of St Anton is a true Austria skiing resort. You will find more excitement in one village than you could find anywhere else. You are going to find intermediate slopes, but for those who need a challenge, there are some steep slopes for the experts. If you think the St. Anton slopes are too easy, you can try the Valluga slopes nearby.

If you are looking for nighttime entertainment, you will find that one place stands out. The Moosrwit is the popular hotspot in St. Anton. You will find hundreds of post skiers enjoying a drink or two at this hot nightclub. If you like British music, Griblies is the place to start your night. They have a British band that plays all the hits you want to hear. The Krazy Kangaroo Bar is a mountainside bar. You will find hip-hop and rock music to shake the night away. You can watch the sun go down while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

Your cheap holiday skiing vacation is going to see more nightlife than you could see in one place. You will want to stop and see The Funky Chicken. If you have a need for some great live entertainment, this is the place to stop after nine. Watch the sunrise at the Kartouche Club. If you are looking for more sophistication, The Platzl’s Apres is a place to stop in at night. You will just love the restaurants in St. Anton.

If you want a quick hamburger and fries, the Hamburger Caravan is a place to go. There is no need to dress up, go as you are and enjoy the food. If you are looking for some fine dining, the St. Antoner Hof is a five star restaurant. The very popular Restaurant Museum is located in a mansion from the pre WWI era and the cable cars station is right there. You will feast on the wild game and some fine wine. After one night of dining and parting, you will need to hit the slopes the next day to work off some added calories. You cheap holiday vacation to St. Anton could not have any more excitement.

Please visit this website that compares cheap holidays. In the past I have done writing for a site about affiliate marketing called tjen penge på nettet.

Article Source: A Cheap Holiday Skiing Vacation In Austria

If you are looking for a bit of adventurous winter skiing vacation, the Aspen Ski Resorts in Colorado may be just what you are looking for. When people talk about winter skiing vacation in Aspen, they most likely are referring to the Ajax Mountain, which rises directly above Aspen town.

Unknown to many people, there are actually 4 ski mountains linked together to the name of Aspen and all of the four ski areas are further linked together on the same lift ticket.

The Roaring Fork Valley, another ski resort in Aspen is technically the most challenging ski area in Colorado Aspen, followed by the Buttermilk, which is often billed as the best beginner ski mountain in the Rocky Mountains.

Then there is the massive Snowmass, a ski area which is bigger than the other 3 resorts put together. Any wonder why this ski area is called Snowmass?

The Snowmass prides itself on its extensive intermediate skiing terrain and have plenty of extreme slopes too for the more adventurous and advanced skiers.

The ski trails and 'dump' runs in Ajax have queer sounding names like Bear Paw, Zaugg Dump, Last Dollar, Perry's Prowl and Short Snort. All these dump runs are fairly short, sharp and challenging descents are built on the steep mountain slopes where gold miners of old once tunneled their way into the mountain in search of the precious metal.

Novice skiers are discouraged from skiing Ajax not so much so because of the challenging terrain but because getting off the mountain at the end of the day can be a very intimidating experience.

Most of the skiing is done at the top of the mountain but the main ski slopes such as the Cooper Bowl and Spar Gulch tend to be somewhat fast and furious in which intermediates and expert skiers in Aspen Colorado plunge their way down in dizzying speed.

Unless the novice skiers travel back down on the Silver Queen gondola, they will be forced into the very narrow and steep gullies to plummet like a heat seeking missile. This can be a very terrifying experience for someone new to winter snow skiing. The gentler ski area at the Buttermilk will be a better choice for novice skiers and beginners.

The Aspen Highlands is Aspen's real attraction. It is the only one of the four ski resorts in Aspen that is independently owned. The Highlands had developed a reputation for being the most challenging and yet the cheapest and least expensive resort in the Roaring Fork Valley.

While most skiers in Aspen will only ski at the Ajax Mountain, hard core skiers and speed demons will make their way to the ski lift system to take them to the breathtaking steep slopes of Aspen Highland's Olympic Bowl, Steeple Chase and Temerity, skiing exhilarating runs like Mushroom, Aces and Eights and Deception which starts steep and gets steeper along the way.

Have you tried winter skiing at Aspen Colorado? Why not give it a try in your next winter vacation?

Chris Chew is a travel veteran. More articles at Beijing Tourist Attractions and Singapore Airport Hotel

Article Source: Winter Skiing In Aspen

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